The National Development Plan 2007-2013

The National Development Plan 2007-2013 sets out the roadmap to Ireland's future.

Between now and 2013, our economy and our society will undergo a transformation almost as radical as changes we have experienced in the past decade of growth and development.

This change will be driven largely by the continuing increase in our population, projected to reach over 5 million people by 2021. We will experience a change in our economic base as we move towards more high value added economic activities and industries, both foreign-owned and indigenous. To optimise our choices for a better long-term future Ireland has set out a roadmap, clearly marking out the landmark challenges we face such as:

  • removing the remaining infrastructure bottlenecks that constrain our economic development and inhibit balanced regional development;
  • futher equipping our children and youth with the skills and education to grasp the opportunities presented to us;
  • creating and sustaining high value employment opportunities; and
  • redistributing the product of wealth to foster an inclusive society, including adequately catering for those who have already contributed to Ireland's success over the previous decades.

The NDP 2007-2013 integrates strategic development frameworks for regional development, for rural communities, for All-Island co-operation, and for protection of the environment with commom economic and social goals.

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