Southern and Eastern Region (S&E)

The Region covers 53% of the land area of Ireland. Under the Regulations adopted by Council Cohesion policy is to be implemented through three objectives. A Convergence Objective replaces the existing Objective 1 and is aimed at EU regions with per capita GDP below 75% of the EU average. Some 78% of resources for Cohesion Policy is be devoted to this objective and no Irish region is eligible under this objective.

All EU regions that are not covered by the Convergence Objective, including the Southern & Eastern Region, qualify for Structural Funds under the Competitiveness and Employment Objective. Within this Objective funding is to be concentrated on implementing community policies – Lisbon, Gothenburg and the European Employment Strategy – with particular focus on innovation and the knowledge economy, environment and risk prevention, accessibility to services of general interest (broadband, public transport), increasing adaptability of workers and enterprises, and enhancing access to employment.

Most of the Region's current Business Expenditure on R&D is carried out by firms in the multinational sector. Because of the Region's heavy reliance on highly mobile foreign direct investment, greater efforts need to be made to stimulate R&D activity in the indigenous sector over the period of the 2007-2013 Operational Programme. In order to mitigate the Region's exposure to the potential effects of any international economic downturn impacting on multi-national firms, greater efforts to stimulate investment in the lagging indigenous R&D sector need to be made. Currently, most R&D is carried out chiefly in foreign-owned firms or in third-level institutions in the larger conurbations, mainly in Dublin.

For further information on the Southern & Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 see:


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